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One App, Many users,
Multiple benefits.


A Mobile App for Internet Services.

Smoother operations at no additional infrastructure!

Easier Operations with mobile app
Consolidated Workspace

Consolidated Workspace



Role Based Dashboard

Let the right people, get the right data! Restrict access to data based on user type; profile based console for Field Engineer, ISP and Admin roles.

Real Time ONT and OLT Alerts




Business Insights

FiiDiag can help you take better business decisions. View subscriber onboarding trends, identify top-performing operators, and plan accordingly!


View just what you want to see! Filter devices directly from the dashboard by Online/Offline Status, Signal Strength, Device Type, Onboarding Status, etc.

Stats & Data

Statistics & Data

Subscriber Overview

FiiDiag has subscriber profiles with a detailed customer and device information! Monitor subscriber internet quality with the usage data and signal strength of client devices.

Device Statistics

All critical data, in the palm of your hand! Examine Optical Strength, RSSI Statistics, CPU, WAN Throughput etc, for a better understanding of device health. 

Export Data

Right information, right on time! Export and share relevant data & statistics for timely analysis and resolution. 



Resolve issues remotely

View the router status and perform actions like ping, reboot, and speed test right from the FiiDiag App!

Automated Firmware Updates

Your devices will be up to date with FiiDiag! Constant security and performance improvements to already deployed routers through automated firmware updates. 

Automated ONT firmware updates

Advanced Troubleshooting

Want to go a step further? Analyse and identify issues with the help of actual syslog data from the router in real-time.

Deeper troubleshooting and insights

Excited to know more?

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