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Managing routers has NEVER been SO easy!!

We have an App that solves your problem – better yet, we have a Router Management Infrastructure, packed into a single Mobile Application!

ONT monitoring and optical signal

 Better Control, More Value 

Subscriber Wifi Issue Troubleshooting

We give you better control of your critical data so you can add more value to your customers.

We give you better control of your time, so you add more value to more customers.

How do we make your work easier? 

Monitor from network your mobile
Consolidated Workspace

Monitor your business and manage your operations - All in one place!
Get Real Time ONT and OLT Alerts!

Visualize optical network data
Statistics & Data

View Subscriber information, devices connected, device status, CPU, Memory, Optical Signal, RSSI statistics, etc.,

Save cost with remote troubleshooting
Remote Troubleshooting

Perform actions like Ping, Speed Test, Traceroute and Reboot right from the FiiDiag App!

What you get? 

A better way...

  • to manage customers

  • to manage operations

  • to keep customers satisfied

Easy Operations, Happy Customers.

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